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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Give the kid a break...

There are some things in life I'll never understand. Like this, for instance.

I understand why a three-year old would play the "Crane" carnival game to try and get a stuffed Spongebob Squarepants toy.

I understand why he'd crawl into the machine through a small opening after failing to get the toy with the crane.

I understand why the boy's grandmother would be a nervous wreck when the arcade owner told her he couldn't find the key and had to call the local fire department.

I understand how the boy would find all of this very amusing, rolling around inside the machine and hugging all the stuffed animals.

I understand how relieved everyone would be when the firefighters passed the three-year old a screwdriver, and talked him through opening the interior latches on the machine to free himself.

What I don't understand is why, after having a 3-year old crawl into your machine, losing the key, calling the fire department, and watching as the firemen talk the 3-year old through freeing himself, why - after this entire, gut-wrenching ordeal - you would make the decision to send him home WITHOUT THE STUFFED SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS TOY!!!!

I mean, come on already, hasn't the kid been through enough?

posted by Brian at 2:02 AM


  • You know, I had the same thought when I saw this story. Even if no one was willing to give him the toy, why didn't Grandma just pony up the two dollars (or whatever those crane games cost these days) to buy the stupid thing? I suppose you could argue that you don't want to reward the kid for doing something stupid and causing everyone a lot of trouble, but is he old enough to get that point? I don't know a lot about kids, but I would say "Probably not." He is only three, after all...

    By Anonymous jason, at 11:44 AM, October 26, 2006  

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