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Microsoft Gets One From the Government

By Brian | May 15, 2006 | Share on Facebook

It doesn’t happen often, but government regulators sided with Microsoft yesterday in rejecting Google’s complaint over IEv7′s Search Box:

The Justice Department has evaluated the search box — a new feature in IE 7 that lets users initiate searches — and concluded it “respects users’ choices” and “is easily changed”

They also mentioned, as discussed in these pages before, that the process for changing the default search engine is “relatively straightforward.” Interestingly, they pointed out that:

The number of steps to change the default search engine in IE 7 and Firefox, the open-source browser supported by Google with advertising revenue, are in fact identical: five.

Google is taking the same argument to the EU regulators, which strikes me as answer shopping, but given the two different jurisdictions, I guess isn’t a problem (at least not yet?) We’ll see if one body influences the other…

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