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On Politics: Enough Already…

By Brian | March 18, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Barack Obama: His pastor is not running for president. He is. If you have some sort of evidence to suggest that Obama is a racist, let’s hear it. Otherwise, stop rewording the same question about his pastor’s beliefs to him, in hopes that he’ll trip up and make a gaffe that you’ll then use to discredit him throughout the campaign. It’s a waste of time and a distraction. Plus, when it comes to not saying the wrong thing, this guy’s good…

Elliot Spitzer has done for prostitution what Bill Clinton did for blow jobs. We now have a dialog going on about whether or not prostitution is really that bad after all. I note that of the many arguments made in the above-linked article, none of them address the morality of it. Is it so wrong for something to be illegal because we, as a society, agree that it’s not acceptable behavior? It’s not about the particular woman or the particular man, it’s about the special place that sex has in our moral code, and how prostitution runs counter to that belief.

Then again, maybe I have an old set of morals. Spitzer, a man who not only paid a prostitute for sex, but also showed an unbelievable level of hypocrisy, violated the public trust, and completely disrespected his wife and children, slinks off into the shadows, waiting for it to be safe to sign a book deal, while we discuss the relative victim-hood of Ashley Alexandra Dupre (a.k.a., “Kristin”). In the meantime, Ms. Dupre – far from being vilified – is being celebrated as an overnight celebrity. Her pictures are on the front page of all the local newspapers, her MySpace page is the most popular page on the site, her music is making her tens of thousands of dollars on the Internet, and Larry Flynt doesn’t think she’ll pose in Penthouse magazine because she’ll have too many other, more lucrative offers. If she’s really lucky, her book will come out around the same time as Spitzer’s, and they’ll both sail on to even more fame and fortune.

And speaking of coming out…

Jim and Dina Matos McGreevey: Attention starved, are we? You’re no longer public officials. You are not relevant to the Elliot Spitzer case at all. Dina did some television to give us insight into how Mrs. Spitzer was feeling while standing next to Elliot at the podium – that’s fine, I guess. But if you two want to continue embarrassing each other, please go find someone who’s interested.

Hillary Clinton: After eight years of George W. Bush, your husband’s presidency has taken on the soft sheen of an articulate President who led the nation to soaring economic heights. Thank you for reminding us about all the lawyering, maneuvering, technicality-laced rhetoric that peppered those eight years. Between you claiming the mantle of experience, pressuring super-delegates to vote against the public will, and drumming up fake controversy (“He’s not a Muslim, as far as I know”; “Shame on you, Barack Obama!”; “It’s not all about words”) in an attempt to sway the electorate, you’ve brought it all back in spades. Also, John McCain, a twenty-six year veteran of the House and Senate and author of several significant pieces of legislation, is sitting on the sidelines taking careful notes about your views on experience, in the event he has to run against you for the presidency. Oh, and his approval rating just hit 67% – its highest in eight years. You’re not helping yourself, Senator…

Iraq: It seems Iraqis are uniformly feeling better about their lives, the future of their country, and the United States’ decision to invade (49% now believe the invasion was a good thing, up from 37% last August). As Glenn Reynolds would say, read the whole thing. You’d hear more about this in the mainstream media, I’m sure, but they’re too busy covering racist pastors, hookers, ex-gubernatorial three-ways and dirty campaign tactics.

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2 Responses to “On Politics: Enough Already…”

  1. Ilya says at March 18th, 2008 at 7:23 pm :
    Amen to all that, Brian! Although, after having lived for a while in a country where prostitution is not illegal, I can vouch for the fact that it does not corrupt public morals. There is a good article in Economist (http://www.economist.com/world/na/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10852872) that basically posits that we as a country spend too much money, effort and plain bureaucracy enforcing “moral” behavior, while there are more critical issues to fight…

  2. Brian says at March 18th, 2008 at 9:44 pm :
    Agreed, Ilya – that’s certainly the direction things are going. I wonder if it’s inherently a good thing or a bad thing, though, to avoid laws that speak solely to the moral values of the society.

    I’m reminded of the motto of my Alma Mater, the University of Pennsylvania: Leges Sine Moribus Vanae (Laws Without Morals are in Vain). Note that the school was founded by Benjamin Franklin – a womanizer, yes, but also a founding father. I wonder what he’d think of legal prostitution…


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