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From the Crew – Behind the Scenes Cruise Stories

By Brian | December 30, 2008 | Share on Facebook

OK, one more Disney post and then I’ll stop – I promise.

This one is courtesy of a side conversation with some of the Disney Wonder’s fantastic crew staff. It’s the Top Ten Crazy Things People Say on Cruise Ships. All, I am assured, are true stories:

10. Do these stairs go up?

9. Will this elevator take me to the front of the ship?

8. [While viewing the hundreds of photos the crew staff takes of you during the cruise and then tries to sell you later] How do I know which pictures are mine?

7. Does the crew staff live on-board the ship?

6. [When a chronic complainer who asked #7 was told that no, in fact, a helicopter picks them up every night at 1AM and they commute] I’d like to register a complaint – the helicopter that picked the crew up last night at 1AM made so much noise, it woke me up.

5. [Right after boarding the ship and going to his stateroom, but before the ship left port] I’d like my money back. I asked for a room with a “Sea View,” and when I go out on my veranda, all I can see is the parking lot!

4. [on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island] Will this tram take me to the Animal Kingdom Park? [n.b., Animal Kingdom is one of the parks in Disney World – in Orlando, Florida].

3. Disney really should have told me there was no casino on board – I’m very disappointed.

**Numbers 2 and 1 redacted because they are too dumb to mention here…

(Actually, I only had eight, but who ever heard of a “Top Eight” list? Damn Letterman…)

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