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Brain Celebri-teasers: Solution – Week #2

By Brian | January 13, 2011 | Share on Facebook

Welcome back to Brain Celebri-teasers. It’s time to reveal the solution to our Week #2 puzzle:

Week #2
Clue:For many, these two ladies represent the country’s best…
Answer:Taylor Swift &
Carrie Underwood
Both Taylor and Carrie have won Best Artist honors at the Country Music Awards, making them the “country’s best,” as it said in the clue. Carrie, of course, also won the top prize on American Idol, so she’s been the country’s best in that sense as well.

The winner this week was Ilya!

It’s occurring to me, two weeks in, that multiple people are getting the puzzle right each week. And while there should be a prize for being first, correct answers should be recognized. So, I’m tweaking the standings a little to reflect both points and correct answers. Don’t worry, though – at the end of the year, most points still wins!

So, that being said, after two weeks, the standings are as follows:

PlayerPointsCorrect Answers
Jeff Porten01

Thanks for playing, everyone! Remember to check back on Monday for next week’s puzzle!

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