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Ch-Ch-Changes: Solution – Week #2

By Brian | January 16, 2012 | Share on Facebook

Welcome back to Ch-Ch-Changes. It’s time to reveal the solution to the Week #2 puzzle:

The eight changes to this picture were:

  1. The men are sitting over Chicago, not New York
  2. Man on the left is holding a Dunkin’ Donuts box
  3. Fourth man from the left is wearing a necktie
  4. Sixth man from the left is holding a MacBook
  5. Eighth man from the left is holding a cup of Starbucks coffee
  6. Ninth man from the left is holding the New York Times from the day Osama bin Laden was killed
  7. Tenth man from the left has a Nike Swoosh on his hat
  8. Twelfth man from the left (man on the right?) is Babe Ruth

Congrats to all who guessed correctly. The scores after two weeks are as follows:

Player Correct Answers
Ilya 13
Konstantin 11
Michael Weinmayr 10
Jeff Porten 6
Joe Woods 5
Harlan Freilicher (via Facebook) 4

See you next Wednesday! And remember – next week, comments will be moderated, so you can all guess independently of each other!

Thanks for playing…

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