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(By the way, it should go without saying, but these opinions are mine & only mine.)

- The Star Spangled Banner -

In September of 1814, Francis Scott Key was one of a small number of people to view the British attack on Fort McHenry. As the assault concluded, the sight of the American flag flying over the fort inspired Key to write his now famous poem, “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which went on to become our national anthem on March 3, 1931. Without the modern day benefits of mass media, he had only his words to communicate what he had seen. It is, perhaps, for this reason that his words are remembered so well today.

In September of 2001, people all over the world viewed the tragic events that occurred in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. In the days following the attacks, millions saw this picture, which inspired many of the same feelings that inspired Key some 187 years earlier. With this in mind, I humbly submit some additional words to his now famous poem:.

Oh, say can you see
through the smoke and the flame;
where the towers once stood
for the world’s admiration;

three brave heroes who stood
in the place of our pain;
and then raised up a flag
and inspired a nation?

And to those who did die
helping others survive;
we pledge to your memory
our national pride.

That Star Spangled Banner
though tattered and frayed;
still remains in the land
of the free and the brave.

- B. Greenberg