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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Low in Ego Stroking: Google Bragging

For those too busy to do a Google search on "leahy wiretapping", allow me to brief you on the results:

Result #17:
I Should Be Sleeping: Senator Leahy on Privacy in the Post 9/11 World by Brian Greenberg

Result #129:
TidBITS: CFP 2006: Life, Liberty and Digital Rights by Jeff Porten

Result #363:
TidBITS#828/08-May-06, including the above article by Jeff Porten.

Not in the top 400 (but accessible when searching "leahy wiretapping"):
The Vast Jeff Wing Conspiracy - CFP2006

So now just so we're sure we got this straight:
- Jeff goes to conference
- Jeff gets a paying gig writing about the conference in a well respected e-zine
- E-zine posts Jeff's article
- Jeff blogs about his article being posted
- I read his blog post, read the article, and comment on it in my blog.
- Google classifies my blog post first, Jeff's article second, and Jeff's blog post third.

We're living in a very strange world, folks...

posted by Brian at 1:26 PM


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