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Monday, May 09, 2005

More about Technorati

Jeff Porten asked in the comments about how Technorati works:

I note that I'm now in Technorati thanks to your blogroll. Never did understand that place, so if you could elucidate in a future post, much appreciated.

I had no idea, but I did a little digging on the site...

The best page to start with is this one: Technorati: FAQ.

Basically, it talks about how you can register your blog with Technorati, which indexes it in the Technorati database, so when you search for a keyword, you're only searching the blogosphere (plus any RSS feeds that have registered). It's basically a blog-specific Google.

As for why Jeff wasn't in Technorati before I started my blog, here's what I believe happened: My blog is hosted by Blogger. When I set up the blog, it asked me "Add your Blog to our listings?" to which I said yes (heck - you get publicity where you can when you're just starting out, right?) Anyway, it seems that answering yes to this question causes blogger to "ping" Technorati (see this), which automatically registers the blog. Once I'm registered, then all of the content on my blog is indexed (including, it would seem, my blogroll). So if you search for, you get a hit from me.

I hasten to add, though, that Jeff's blog is still not registered on Technorati (that is, I did a few searches on text strings from his recent posts, and they did not return entries from his blog). So Jeff, go to this page, and follow the instructions to ping Technorati with your URL. Then we'll all be part of that big, happy family. <sniff...>

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