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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Google & Blogger - Perfect Together

Remember the days when a gadget you had stopped working, and you had to ask everyone you know if they knew how to fix it, or stay on hold for hours with some tech support guy just so he could tell you he had no idea? It's times like these I realize just what a blessing Google is in our lives. Here's what happened:

I'm happily going along posting entries to my blog (you know, in case anyone suddenly decides to stop by and read them). All of the sudden, I notice that my posts aren't indenting anymore (the body of the post is supposed to be indented 10 pixels from the title and the "posted by Brian" line at the bottom - it makes it easier to pick the posts out when scrolling down the screen). Anyway, it was working fine for weeks and had suddenly stopped.

(NOTE: Here's where it gets all techie, geeky. You've been warned)
Into the template I went. The post body is defined by a class called "blogpost_text" which clearly specifies the 10 pixel indent. I have another style defined for quotes ("blogquote"), and I noticed that when I use it and then manually switch back to "blogpost_text", then indent is there, so it's not the style sheet that's the problem.

So I checked View...Source... on the blog page itself. Turns out that Blogger is inserting this line in the HTML at the beginning of each post:

<div clear:both></div>

I couldn't figure out why (it's simply not in the template), so I turned to Google. I typed "blogger div clear both" into my Google toolbar, and two clicks later, I was here. It seems the folks at Blogger added the "div" command to take care of another problem they were having with image posting (I haven't had that problem yet, so it's either pretty obscure or my image needs are very basic). In any case, the link directs you to a simple 1-click setting to fix the problem.

I made the change and voila! I'm back in business. Total time to fix this daunting problem: 30 seconds.

Bravo, Google. Bravo.

posted by Brian at 12:30 AM


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