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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Breaking the Judicial Code

All right, this is really, really cool.

Quick summary: The British judge that recently ruled that Dan Brown did not plagiarize "The Da Vinci Code" from another book, italicized seemingly random characters throughout his ruling. A lawyer made an off-hand comment to The London Times that it would be ironic if the italicized letters were some sort of secret, embedded message. At which point, he got an e-mail from the judge telling him to check out the first few paragraphs.

Turns out the italicized letters in the first few paragraphs spell "smithcode" (the judge's name is Peter Smith), suggesting that was exactly his intent. Here is the complete message:


Anyone have a solution?

UPDATE: It's been solved by the laywer who found it. Something to do with the Fibonacci sequence...

posted by Brian at 2:42 PM


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