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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Simple Tricks Pizza Challenge!

Well, this is interesting...

Jason Bennion, who blogs at Simple Tricks and Nonsense, has a friend who makes the rather ridiculous claim that a pizza place in Salt Lake City, Utah (Este) makes a pizza that "rivals or excels over the best New York has to offer." I, of course, suggested that this claim is likely based on the assumption that none of his customers will ever travel to New York and compare. Little does this pizza store owner know about the power of the internet's long tail...

Long story short, Jason's friend has agreed to reach out to the pizza store owner (Dave) and have him send me a pizza. He even plans to create a short film about it. My role is to eat said pizza, and blog about the relative similarities/differences to a genuine New York pie.

As Jasons says on his blog:

I, of course, am planning to blog the whole process and am simply thrilled that my little corner of cyberspace has finally given rise to one of those ridiculous stunts that the Internet seems to have been invented for...

As am I, Jason. As am I.

Gentlemen, start your ovens...

UPDATE: More info here.

posted by Brian at 10:03 PM


  • This is going to be fun... For the record, I haven't eaten at Este myself, so I look forward to your review...

    By Anonymous Jason, at 1:54 AM, July 20, 2006  

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