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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The New Women of TV

Yesterday saw two-thirds of the big 3-player trade that took place on network TV recently: Couric-for-Vieras-for-O'Donnell. So what did I do? I Tivo'ed both The Evening News and The View, that's what. Here's a couple of quick reviews:

Katie Couric on The CBS Evening News: The intro sounded exactly like The Today Show intro, except they didn't force-fit the words, "Today, September 5th, 2006" at the end. I suppose that feeling will pass, but for now, there it is. The show itself sufferred from the same problem that is killing all the evening news broadcasts - I sit in front of the internet all day, so by 6:30, any recap of the days events is old news. Sometimes 24 hours old. To her credit, Katie tried a couple of tricks to shake things up - a face-to-face interview with a NYTimes reporter (also very "Today Show"), although I was surprised how much editorializing the Times guy did - no attempt at objectivity at all, the "free speech" segment (a throwback to the old "Commentary" segments they used to do when we were kids, although now they just sound like videotaped blog posts), and a contest to choose Katie's catch sign-off phrase (one of many advertisements for the CBS News website). All in all, it seemed like she knew everyone was watching her first show, and she was pleading with them to watch at least one more. That's fine, but this is the news. If it tries to be entertainment, it's going to fail. Of course, it's going to fail at being informative too, so there you go. Good night & good luck, Katie...

Rosie O'Donnell on The View: Yuck. Don't get me wrong, Rosie was fine & all, but I could not bring myself to watch more than five minutes of that show. Here's Barbara Walters - a woman who has interviewed Presidents - a woman who has accomplished what Katie Couric is attempting to accomplish right now, and in the first five minutes, she's talking with three other women about sitting in a bathtub full of urine with their daughters. When Rosie quoted her daughter as saying, "Mommy, when will I get my fur?" I shut it off (I don't mean to be crude - that's an exact quote). The best thing I can say about this yenta-fest is that it's geared directly at it's target market. That's clearly not me, and so I won't be watching again. Ever.

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