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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Lite-Brites are Coming! The Lite-Brites are Coming!

I realize this story is a couple of days old at this point, but I saw the headline the other day, and didn't bother to read the article until today. For those who have done the same, THIS is one of the electronic devices that was meant to advertise the Aqua Team Hunger Force video game, and which scared Boston city officials into shutting down the airports, subways, etc.

Now, we all have our 9/11 PTSD-like symptoms to deal with (I still don't like watching planes fly overhead), and I'm sure it's gotta be worse if you're a government official ("Mr. Mayor, are you telling us that the bombs were adorned with cartoon characters flipping the bird to the city in bright neon and you still missed them?"), but this is truly through the looking glass. If you asked me to guess at what this was, I think "terrorist bomb" would be 20th or 30th on the list, behind "child's toy," "advertisement," and "graffiti," just to name a few...

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