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Monday, August 06, 2007 Health Check - July Edition

A week late, but better late than never:

MetricJuneJuly% Change
Avg Time on Site4:134:40+10.38%
Bounce Rate78.94%81.17+2.83%
% New Visitors84.87%86.55%+1.98%

Well, that's much better. Last month, all the major statistics were down. This month, they've rebounded a bit (although not to May levels). The increase of roughly 100 pageviews is explained by topical posts (Harry Potter and the Apple iPhone), as well as a marked increase in hits to my archive files and my family's personal pages. The former doesn't seem sustainable, while the latter does, so we'll have to see how August treats me.

Also, a note to those who are curious abuot such things: Google Analytics has changed the way it calculates Average Time on Site. A big ol' hat tip goes to Yohay, who found out that they now exclude bounce visits from both the numerator (total time on site) and the demoninator (total number of visits). So, while in June, I reported 53 seconds (up from 46 in May), I'm now showing 4:40 in July (up from 4:13 in May). Still positive news, but not as positive as it might appear at first.

Altogether, a pretty good month...

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