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Monday, October 01, 2007

Baseball Follow-Up

Well, as promised, it was an exciting weekend. Here's the recap for those who missed some or all of it:

AL East
The Yankees and the Red Sox both won two games, so the Red Sox took the AL East (sniff...), while the Yankees took the Wildcard. The Red Sox will play the Angels in Boston, the Yankees will open with Cleveland in Cleveland.

AL Central
The Indians kept pace with the Red Sox as well, tying them for the best record in the American League. But the Red Sox won the season series between the two teams (5 games to 2), so if they wind up facing each other, Boston would have home field advantage. Basically, Boston has the home field advantage all the way through (including the World Series, because the American League won the All-Star game...again!)

AL West
The Angels also kept pace with the Yankees, but seeing as how the Red Sox and the Indians didn't accommodate by falling apart this weekend, it doesn't matter. They play the Red Sox in Boston first, and if they win, they'll either face the Indians in Cleveland or the Yankees in Anaheim.

NL East
The picture says it all. The Mets completed their meteoric fall from grace, losing the division to the Phillies (and the Wildcard as well). The Phillies will play the Wildcard team (see below) in Philadelphia. The Mets will play golf, and talk about who's getting fired for all of this...

The Cubs held off the Brewers, so they won the Central. They'll open against the Diamondbacks in Arizona.

OK, you didn't think we'd make it through all of that without at least one tie, did you? Well, we came close. The Padres were ahead most of the way through their game, but then fell apart and lost their chance to end it all on time. The Rockies also had an exciting game (took a 3-run lead in the eighth, and then gave up two runs in the ninth to win by one run), but heck - it all counts. So, the Rockies and the Padres are tied for the Wildcard. The (one and only) playoff game is tonight in Colorado, with the winner earning a trip to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies. The losers may want to contact the Mets about tee times.

So, there you have it. One more game to decide everything, and then it's playoff season! May the best team (from the Bronx) win...

(What??? Did I SAY I was impartial here???)

posted by Brian at 11:01 AM


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