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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Continued Improvement Plagues Iraq War

Two weeks ago, the Washington Post called good news about Iran's nuclear weapons program A Blow to Bush's Tehran Policy.

Today, Instapundit pointed us to this set of Iraqi war statistics. Some samples:

CategoryThis weekPeak LevelPeak Time
Weekly Attacks<6001600June, 2007
Deaths per Month6003000December, 2006
High-Profile Attacks per Month50130March, 2007
IED Attacks per Day2060May, 2007
Ethno-Sectarian Deaths per Month2502200December, 2006

The site also points out that we've found (and cleared) almost 6,200 weapons caches so far this year, up from less than 2,700 in 2006 (and just over 1,700 in 2004).

So, two questions:

First, why isn't this front page news? It was certainly front page news when the numbers were going in the other direction, or when every politician and their mother was running to a podium to declare the "Surge" a failed strategy before it even began. Is the war only a story of national interest when it's going badly?

Second, and especially for the Bush-haters out there, isn't now the time to call out the President on the original purpose of the Surge? If I remember correctly, our goal was to control the violence so that the Iraqi government could take the political steps necessary to maintain their own security, so that our men and women could come home. Why isn't President Bush using this golden opportunity to publicly hammer the Iraqi government about showing demonstrable progress? For that matter, why isn't Nancy Pelosi doing the same? Or are we only interested in bringing our troops home when things are going badly as well? I'm sure as Christmas approaches, they and their families would disagree.

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