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Friday, May 13, 2005

Rule #1 - Somebody Tell George

One of my biggest pet peeves is government officials telling us something that isn't true with a straight face, and fully expecting us to believe it:

White House defends not telling Bush of scare - Yahoo! News

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the Secret Service followed proper procedures and did not need to tell Bush immediately about the incident because the president was not in danger and the situation was defused in a matter of minutes.

Mr. McClellan: The president wasn't in danger because the Cessna that was 3 miles from the White House wasn't carrying a dirty bomb, or crop dusting equipment filled with anthrax, or a pilot with a death wish.

I realize that in a crisis, the President doesn't sit in the oval office with a headset on, directing the precise movements of everyone under his command. I realize that had he been informed, he likely wouldn't have done anything in particular. And I realize that the people who's job it is to actually deal with this type of situation did so in exactly the right manner.

All of this is very reassuring, but for the fact that this obviously could have turned into something that required the President's direction in a moment's notice. And if that happened, these 40 minutes would have been tacked right on the end of the first 7 minutes of the September 11th disaster, when Bush portrayed confidence to the news media rather than running off to a command post to watch TV like the rest of us...

I know he'd never slam one of his own in public, but I'm hoping that privately, Bush is extremely pissed off, and whoever made the decision to keep him in the dark is looking for a job right now.

posted by Brian at 10:48 PM


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