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Friday, December 02, 2005

Homecoming pics ain't what they used to be...

Every year, at the University of Pennsylvania's homecoming, my kids bring along their toy trumpets and have fun playing along with dad. It's become a bit of a tradition for someone from the alumni magazine to shoot approximately a roll of film of the kids doing this, and then include one of them in both the online photo album and The Gazzette, the alumni magazine.

Well, this year's version has broken with that fine tradition. Not only are there no pictures of my kids, there aren't even any pictures from the football game. Just a bunch of shots of old folks in formal dress (some gala reception or some such thing, I guess). There's one picture of cheerleaders, but even that's taken indoors (as opposed to on the track during the football game where, you know, they lead cheers).

Anyway, in my ever-so-humble opinion: bummer.

posted by Brian at 11:26 PM


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