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Monday, April 03, 2006

Whatever happened to the Soup Nazi?

For Seinfeld fans who might be wondering what ever happened to the (in)famous Soup Nazi (based on Mr. Al Yeganeh, located at 55th Street and 8th avenue in Manhattan, and on the web at, here's a press release announcing several of his planned 100 grand openings throughout Manhattan and around North America, which each include a $10,000 donation to City Harvest (a New York hunger relief group) from his charitable organization, known as Soup For Life.

The press release says he opened his first store in 1984, in order to fulfill his desire to "feed the world." It also gives a website and phone number for those interested in franchising opportunities.

I hope this man calls Jerry Seinfeld each and every day and thanks him.

And maybe brings him free soup.

Not that Seinfeld needs free soup.


posted by Brian at 4:32 PM


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