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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Said Charity Had to be Efficient?

On May 17th, a group called City Harvest is sponsoring a program called Skip Lunch Fight Hunger. The idea, apparently, is that you take what you would normally spend on lunch that day and donate it to CityHarvest, which then uses the money to feed hungry kids in the NYC area.

It's a nice idea, of course, and they've got corporate involvement. Here's what Starbucks is doing, according to Rockefeller Center's tenant newsletter:

Visit participating NYC Starbucks from 11AM - 1PM to make a donation to Skip Lunch Fight Hunger; you'll be rewarded with a sample of Starbucks new sandwiches and beverages (while supplies last).


How about we keep our money and Starbucks just gives the sandwiches to the kids?!?

posted by Brian at 3:18 PM


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