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Friday, September 22, 2006

Formerly Current Events to be Revealed in History Book

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan is accusing the United States of threatening his country in the days just after 9/11/01:

In an interview to air Sunday on CBS-TV's '60 Minutes' program, Musharraf said that after the attacks, Richard Armitage, then deputy secretary of state, told Pakistan's intelligence director that the United States would bomb his country if it didn't help fight terrorists. He said that Armitage had told him, 'Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age.'

Armitage denies the accusation. President Bush says the first he heard about it is when he read it in the newspaper. Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary, says the U.S. Policy was to ask Pakistan to make a choice - support us or support the Taliban and Al Qaeda - not to issue bomb threats.

President Musharraf was asked for more information on the issue, but declined to give any. You'll never guess why. Internal Pakistani politics? No. Concern over the ramifications of straining relations with the United States? Wrong again. Concern for Pakistani national security and/or the release of classified information? Good guess, but no cigar. Here's the reason:

Musharraf declined to comment and cited a contract agreement with a publisher on an upcoming book.

So let me see if I got this straight: the sitting president of a country we're counting on to catch Osama bin Laden and defeat the Taliban & Al Qaeda accused a former U.S. official of making what he calls a "rude remark," all in order to drum up business for his upcoming book? And this right after Hugo Chavez of Venezuela sent Noam Chomsky's book to #1 on Amazon's Best Seller List.

Remember the good old days when the most powerful person with a book club was Oprah?

posted by Brian at 1:03 PM


  • Very nice site and glad I dropped by! Myself I think Pakistans leader is nothing but a liar like most of these other world's leaders! Not too many truthful people now days I tell you! You know the days are passing very fast as GOD said that the "time shall be shortened" in the last days, remember? Well we are there and the last days are upon us, so these days keep turning into weeks and weeks into months and years before we know it, they is gone again and soon there shall be no more as we know them! You know though if you stop and think about it and recall the pleasures of heaven and the peace it brings and all of the love and joy that abound in HIS presence, and if we are HIS child, then WHY should we fear it? Some people do fear the end! It should be the very greatest blessing to us! Something to be "looked forward" to with greatest excitement! Well, you stay safe and be blessed and I will pray all will be well with you always. In HIS love, Katie

    By Blogger Miskaj, at 6:28 AM, September 30, 2006  

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