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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Washington Post Inadvertently quotes Brian, Jeff

OK, here's what happened: Jeff Porten writes this post, in which he links to this WaPo article. I respond with this post, also linking to the same WaPo article.

The Washington Post has a feature on their website called "Who's Blogging?" which is powered by Technorati. A link to my post shows up as the first of three blogs in the banner ad that appears with the article (see picture). If you click on the "Full List of Blogs" link, you get this page, which includes both my post and Jeff's.

At a very minimum, this is very cool. To the uninformed observer, though, the whole thing looks a little like Jeff and I were contacted by the WaPo and asked to comment on the article, which of course, isn't the case. In any case, I won't return the check if they decide to send me one.

posted by Brian at 3:38 PM


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