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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Watch me Steal a Rabbit from Your Hat

From the "Criminals Get What They Deserve" file, we have three teenagers who tried to mug David Copperfield:

Copperfield, 50, and two female assistants were walking from the Kravis Center to their tour bus when they were approached by the teens [on] April 23. The assistants handed over money and a cellphone, but the illusionist turned his pockets inside out to reveal nothing, although he was carrying his passport, wallet and cell phone.

"He said in depositions that he had things on him, but it wasn't difficult to make it seem like there was nothing there," prosecutor Sherri Collins said.

And to prove that these kids still don't get it, here's a quote from one of the lawyers:

"Terrance was remorseful for what occurred, has told the truth about his involvement and would like everything to disappear," said his attorney, Franklin Prince.

Hmmm..... Now who does Terrance know that can make things disappear???

posted by Brian at 9:45 AM


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