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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How People Found Me - September Edition

The Categories

CategorySeptember CountAugust Count
Billy Joel11263
Celebrity Look Alikes3038
Jimmy Buffett210
Burning Taxi180
University of Pennsylvania162
concerts/Madison Square Garden142
ISBS Song/Lyrics1428
Overrated Films1024
Bob Dylan90
Caitlin Upton70
September 11th60
OJ Simpson50

Queries were up dramatically this month (626 vs. 453), owing to several factors: the burning taxicab outside my office window (18 queries), the dramatic end of the 2007 baseball season (23 queries), a review I wrote of a Jimmy Buffett concert at Madison Square Garden (21 queries), the gathering momentum of the presidential race (17 queries), the start of the collegiate fall semester (16 queries), and various other topical items like September 11th, Caitlin Upton, and OJ Simpson.

Technology still leads the pack, followed by Billy Joel (who has regained his firm hold on second place). There was dramatic growth in the porn-related queries (no pun intended), and a dramatic drop-off in queries about that country song, "I Should Be Sleeping Instead of Thinking About You" (which I still have not heard).

The lesson, as always: blog about the topical stuff, let your archives take care of themselves, and you'll be Google's best friend...

The Referring Sites

If CNN was the darling of the referral section last month, this month it's my new favorite blog, The Gothamist. These guys seem to post running commentary on the goings on in New York City, and they seem to have quite an active following. As I mentioned in the Healthcheck post, one link in the comments on that site brought 870 visitors and more than 1,300 page views. It also, according to these stats, brought a high enough Pagerank to draw almost twenty separate Google queries to the site. So go, Gothamist, go!

The Keywords

All told, 626 queries resulted in hits to in September (about 175 more than were used in August). Here are some samples:

We begin this month with Madison Square Garden:

QueryRank / # of ResultsComments
billy joel concert review msg1 / 83,300My review of a January, 2006 Billy Joel Concert in Madison Square Garden still remains #1 in the Google ranks, and the most widely read thing I've ever written
jimmy buffett madison square garden review12 / 206,000OK, now how weird is this? My review of a recent Jimmy Buffett concert at Madison Square Garden is also near the top of the Google ranks!
jimmy buffett madison square garden september 2007 greenberg1 / 14,900OK, this guy (gal?) seems to be looking specifically for my review. It seems I've become a well known concert critic without even realizing it...

Then, there are those folks who want some more specific information about Madison Square Garden:
liberty devitto job10 / 69,900I know he's not touring with Billy Joel anymore, but do you think that means the job's available? And if so, was this person looking for an online job application?
madison square garden singing national anthem15 / 240,000Well, I guess if you can't have Liberty's job, but you're in the Garden anyway, you might as well apply to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Moving to politics, we in New York had the (ahem...) pleasure of hosting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This drove several folks to my site as well:
ahmadinejad pictures sleeping>500 / 1,290,000Put the term "sleeping" in your blog name, and you'll learn that people are interested in pictures of just about anyone while they're asleep. So weird...
glad ahmedinajad>500 / 1,040,000And if he's awake, we'd like to see him happy, please...
iran president wearing red sox cap>500 / 131,000And you thought the whole holocaust thing was insulting?!? Actually, this comes from a Jon Stewart bit, where they photoshopped a Red Sox cap on Ahmadinejad's head. I guess since I've blogged about both Stewart and Ahmadinejad, this query led folks here. In Googleland, every road intersects every other, I guess...

Speaking of politics, I Should Be Sleeping is apparently an online political tutorial for at least two people:
what will hillary clinton do for people?>500 / 4,580,000Wait, let me get my crystal ball...
how does the supreme court work?>500 / 6,910,000Oh come on, ask me a tough question...

This year, September also contained Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I didn't blog about it much, but apparently what I did say was helpful to some folks:
rosh hashanah ipod>500 / 152,000New from Apple: contains pretty impressive playlists, but shuts down on Saturdays...
rosh hashanah song lyrics>500 / 58,800This has got to be the same guy. Note: they're not called song lyrics, they're called "prayers."
thoughts on rosh hashanah iraq>500 / 110,000I guess even Iraqi rabbis need a sermon...
what religious ritual involves sleeping on a bed of nails>500 / 323,000OK, I'm guessing this one wasn't about Rosh Hashanah...

Moving on once again, we have the monthly dose of the purely wild & wacky:
lacrosse -duke>500 / 3,870,000Sign of the times: if you want lacrosse news, you have to filter out stories about Duke University
caitlin upton dumb bitchn/a / 355Here's what bugs me about this: the guy that ran this query probably found a bunch of sites to validate his implicit assumption (not my site, mind you...). A great example of how doing research doesn't always mean you have all the facts...
do you need a search warrant for pay as you go cell phones>500 / 874,000Gosh, I hope not - I so rarely get a search warrant before calling someone...
drove my chevy to the levee but crossed it this way13 / 16,300No matter how many times I read this, I can't help but draw the conclusion that this isn't about American Pie, and that this guy actually did drive his Chevy to a levee...
my blood pressure is 86.55n/a / 236Doctor's orders: 1) Take your blood pressure. 2) Type the result into Google. 3) Click on a random result in the search. 4) Follow all instructions on that site to the letter...
time magazine most overrated thing 20065 / 670,000So you think they meant that the magazine was the most overrated thing in 2006, or are they looking for what the magazine thought was the most overrated thing? Maybe a little of both, huh?
virtual surgery the game>500 / 2,040,000Fun for the whole family! Rated BG for excessive Blood & Guts

And finally, the queries. As I mentioned above, there were more of them this month than ever before. On the one hand, traffic is good. On the other hand, exactly what kind of audience am I attracting here?

naked guys washing carsr / rI have no idea...
moa and son sex picsr / rI have the sinking feeling that "moa" was a typo for "mom." <shiver>
my wife sleeping sex picsr / rAn interesting way to check up on your spouse...
sodomy picturesr / rSeriously? Who types that in & then clicks over to my site? Sheesh...


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