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The thoughts and theories of a guy who basically should have gone to bed hours ago.

I know, I know - what's the point? But look at it this way - I stayed up late writing it, but you're reading it...

Let's call ourselves even & move on, OK?

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Paging Melanie Foreman...

I've just been informed that Mel (Melanie to all you Google fans out there) Foreman wishes to be mentioned on my blog.

Since this is the first time anyone has made such a request, I figured the least I could do is comply.

Mel Foreman - this post's for you!

posted by Brian at 1:16 AM


  • oh, brian, my ego is so satisfied! as is the ego of the penn band. can't wait to see you at alumni day!

    By Blogger Mel, at 3:24 AM, May 11, 2008  

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