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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sorry, Blogger - Two strikes and you're out

For those who wondered where I went again, Blogger took another 5-day hiatus on me. Once again, no explanation and no response from any help groups, e-mails to support, etc. It seems to be up & running now (maybe it's because it's almost 2AM?), but I've officially lost faith in this previously reliable service.

My next tool of choice is WordPress, which I've heard good things about, and also comes with instructions on how to install on a Yahoo server. Step 1 is to create a MySQL database in Yahoo, which I (believe) I've successfully done. Step two is to login to that database. Right now, Yahoo is giving me a "server is not responding" message when I try to login. I called Yahoo tech support and got an actual human, who theorized the potential problem for me, reset the database and allowed me to try again. The problem persisted, but I haven't had time to call them back during normal (Pacific time) business hours. Still - that's more responsive than Blogger has been for me.

So here's my plan (I know - who asked me? Leave me alone - it's my blog & I've been silenced for 10 of the last 12 days. I can ramble if I want to...): I'm going to chase down the problem over at Yahoo. If I fix the problem there and Blogger starts working consistently again, I'm willing to retroactively forgive Blogger and declare the problem to be on the Yahoo side. One more Blogger outage without a Yahoo problem, though, and I'm done.

My educated guess tells me that this isn't Yahoo's problem, though, because Blogger is only trying to FTP to the site - it's not using any database functionality. And I'm able to FTP to the site using Yahoo's tools, as well as my local copy of Microsoft FrontPage. So the likely answer here is that I'm dealing with two problems, and only one of the companies is helping me solve one. Not quite a high bar for customer service, but beggars can't be choosers...

More to come (hopefully...)

posted by Brian at 1:48 AM


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