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Welcome to the Ramblings Page!

Ramblings are longer-form essays – check out what I have to say when I actually put some thought into it!

Google Analytics (1/14/07)

Boot Camp – Being All That Apple Can Be (4/30/06)

Upgrading to the Video iPod – a Dilemma (2/23/06)

The iPod Will Keep Playing (9/11/05)

Mactel – The Unholy Alliance is Born (6/19/05)

We are Blog. Resistance is Futile (2/28/05)

DSL – The Darkside of Broadband (12/23/04)

The Microsoft Monopoly (4/18/04)

The Downloading Debates (1/17/04)

September 11, 2003 (9/11/03)

Solving the Spam Problem – A New Approach (1/10/03)

September 11, 2002 (9/11/02)

Information Privacy in the Post-9/11 World (3/25/02)

The Semantic Web – Can it Really Work? (4/23/02)

The “Mom & Dad” Test (7/98)

The Birth of Cyber-Prejudice (7/98)