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Friday, May 20, 2005

A Palm in your hand is worth er, well...nevermind

Some months ago, I bought this as part of my ongoing PDA upgrade process (wherein my wife's PDA becomes unusable, and I buy a cool new one for myself and give her my old one).

At the time, it's "wow" features were the huge 320x480 display, the ability to display in landscape orientation, the MP3 playing functionality, and the whopping 256MB of storage, which could be used like a USB drive, without all that nasty synching. The complaints were the lack of WiFi, and the lack of voice recording capability.

Yesterday, a friend sent me this link. Almost as if by magic, WiFi and voice recording are here. Not only that, we're talking about 4GB of storage. One could not only digitize their photo collection, but carry the whole thing around with them at all times.

It's great to see innovation at work, but I probably won't upgrade right now. I don't need the voice recorder, I'm not using anywhere near the 256MB I have, and the WiFi card for the Tungsten T5 is only $100. Including the $350 I spent on the device, that's still cheaper than the $500 they want for the LifeDrive. (This seems to be a theme, by the way, since they're offering a free WiFi card with the purchase of a T5 right now. I guess you're basically paying $150 for a voice recorder and 3.75GB of memory...)

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