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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Plain Text is the Answer!

A major Hat Tip to Michael Weinmayr Starr, who correctly suggested a Plain Text
post from the Outlook client. The plain text eliminates all of the HTML
spaghetti code in the previous test, and uses the "mobile-post" class I had
originally identified. "MsoNormal" apparently not only refers to Microsoft
Outlook, but also to the "normal" HTML mode of posting.

Now, not only is the HTML cleaner, but the font settings are properly
applied and all is well. The only thing I'm noticing at this point is the
automatic line breaks that plain text defaults to in Outlook (every 76
characters or so). I'm sure this is something I can turn off in Outlook - I
just have to play with it. Other than that, though I think the mailing
problems are solved.

posted by Brian at 12:13 AM


  • I'd be surprised if you can turn off the hard wrap in Outlook. The wrap-at-72-characters thing is an RFC standard, so you *shouldn't* be able to turn it off unless there's a tab group with the header "Screw Indiscriminately with Internet Standards".

    Which, being Microsoft, I'm guessing is just always turned on automatically rather than giving you the option....

    The place to look is for somewhere in the Blogger code that replaces a carriage return with a hard wrap (it's showing up as break tag). At which point you probably want to go back to double-spacing your paragraphs, since that's probably what gave you the ugly spacing before....

    By Anonymous Jeff Porten, at 9:49 PM, February 26, 2006  

  • When I receive mail in Outlook, it defaults with a message on the top that says "Extra Line Breaks Have Been Removed. Click Here to Restore Them." So maybe there's a way...

    Re: double-spacing - that was a problem in HTML mode. In plain text mode, it shows up as typed (spacing included), so (almost) all is well...

    By Blogger Brian, at 10:35 PM, February 26, 2006  

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