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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pizza Team Utah Gets Serious...

Some more updates from the bizarro world where "Who's Pizza is better - NYC or SLC?" is the top story:

-- Several folks, including some of my friends & co-workers in New York and some folks in Utah are concerned that in order for the test to be fair, the New York pizza must also be made 24 hours in advance and kept unrefrigerated, etc. just like the Utah one. I'm beginning to understand why Congress has so much trouble passing laws...

-- Dave, proprietor of Este pizza, has tested a frozen pie and says this:

It was very good but lacked some the punch of a true, fresh pie. We've ruled out the frozen option and believe it puts each contender into a position where they feel they have an inferior product.

Yes, that's right. He said "contender." He's also running test trials. I plan to begin my training by, you know, eating some pizza. It's rough, but if you're going to compete at this level, you have to be prepared.

-- The current plan is to fly Dave to New York with a "chilled" pizza, the rules being that he make as much of it as possible in Salt Lake City and then have a "bakeoff" (quite literally) somewhere in/near Rockefeller Center. This is where I start wondering what will happen when I walk into a local pizzeria and ask the manager if some guy I don't know from Utah can use his pizza oven (most likely outcome: "Get out of my store, you crazy bastard!" Throwing of pizza cutters is on the list as well, but significantly less likely, I think)

-- My suggestion was we get the local ABC affiliate to recruit someone in New York to help me out. If I walk into a pizza joint with an actual TV person, I think we stand a better chance of the store manager buying into the idea.

-- I'm also told that Dave has three top New York pizzerias that he'd love to go head-to-head with. Who knew there were rivalries among these folks? I wonder if they get up every morning and check their stats on some webpage somewhere...

-- In what I can only describe as a flourish of overconfidence, Dave has also mentioned that there's a pizzeria in Cincinnati that he wants to challenge next. Apparently, our little show is fated to become a nation-wide tour. Here's my question, though: if you prevail in New York (Hah!), what do you prove by prevailing in Cincinnati also? And if suffer the agony of defeat that most certainly awaits you in the Big Apple, how much of a consolation would it be to beat up on poor Cincy?

And, of course, the main questions: in the unlikely event that you prevail in New York and lose in Cincinnati, am I really going to go through this again with a pizza maker out there? Will ABC cover it again? At what point does this go from a segment on the local news to our very own reality show?

The mind continues to boggle...

UPDATE: Momentum fades, but hopefully only briefly. Here's the latest status.

posted by Brian at 12:41 PM


  • Being from cincinnati I have a vested interest in knowing what the name of the Cincinnati Pizzaria is in order to determine 2 things 1) have I been there and 2) if it's so good why not?

    By Blogger dlgreen, at 12:34 PM, July 28, 2006  

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