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Sunday, October 08, 2006

How People Found Me - September Edition

Here are the most interesting Google searches that caused people to link to my site. I think I forgot to do this last month, so to make it up to everyone, this one has categories. Don't get used to this kind of service...

clinton bashes bush (1 / 2,620,000)
   [My blog post is result #1.'s is result #2, and is result #3. Gotta love the Google...]

Random Queries:
serious hoopage (1 / 150)
bill maher kids drawings (1 / 291,000)
the great pizza challenge (5 / 5,970,000)
semantic dating (5 / 4,360,000)
why was 2005 hurricane season so bad (6 / 4,440,000)
   [Because clearly, I'm the one you'd ask, right?]

liberty de vito no longer with billy joel (10 / 21,100)
billy joel disc reviews (16 / 900,000)
john stewart musharraf blog (40 / 233,000)

People Actually Looking for Me:
brian greenberg bank of america (1 / 774,000)
brian greenberg lehman (1 / 227,000)
   [Good to see my new employer draws more hits than my old employer, even if most of them still aren't me...]

brian greenberg vice president and senior technology manager global markets back office technology bank of america (1 / 88,500)
   [OK, this guy REALLY wanted to find me. Actually, to be fair, it looks like he typed in everything on my business card]

Celebrity Look-Alike Queries:
jim carrey look alike (14 / 114,000)
jake gyllenhaal look alike (18 / 79,300)
jay leno frontal face image (1 / 35,200)
selma hayek look alike (19 / 72,200)
   [No, not me - my wife]

emmy rossum look alike (1 / 19,900)
   [Sadly, not my wife - me...]

hindi celeb look alike (1 / 66,200)
   [Unbelievably, still me...]

posted by Brian at 2:23 AM


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