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Friday, February 02, 2007

The 2008 Election - Rules of Engagement

With just 643 days left before the 2008 Presidential election, media coverage is understandably heating up. Much of the focus right now centers around Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, widely considered to be the first woman and African American, respectively, with the best chance at the presidency in our nation's history.

Before all of this gets out of hand, I propose we all agree on the following rules for rationally discussing the election.

All in favor?

The Rules of Engagement - 2008 Presidential Election

  1. There is absolutely nothing about the job, President of the United States, that requires one to have a particular type of reproductive organs or a particular skin color.

  2. Any statement refuting Rule #1, including those of the form, "America is not ready for..." is hereby declared incorrect.

  3. An unwillingness to support Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama for president shall not be considered sufficient proof of a person's sexism/racism.

  4. Given Rule #3, people who do not support Clinton/Obama for president shall not be required to provide a list of powerful women/African Americans that they do support, in order to disprove their sexist/racist tendencies.

  5. The election of Clinton/Obama to the presidency shall not, on its own, represent the opening of doors or the removal of barriers. Instead, it shall indicate that sometime in the recent past, such barriers/doors were removed/opened, and that a viable candidate has now emerged to take advantage of our newly enlightened society. Sexism/Racism does not vanish on the first Tuesday of a particular November. It degrades over time. It's degrading as we speak, and we should recognize and encourage it's demise now, rather than ignore it until it generates a "media moment."

  6. The election of Clinton/Obama to the presidency DOES make it easier for the next female/African American candidate who seeks the office, but only in the sense that they will not have to answer as many questions about their gender/skin color during the campaign. In this sense, Clinton/Obama's election will also help future white, male candidates who run against female/African American opponents.

  7. Comments made about Clinton's gender/Obama's race shall not be automatically interpreted as implied criticisms of Geraldine Ferraro, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton.

  8. Among supporters and/or aspiring politicians, young males are equally justified in admiring Hillary Clinton as young females. Similarly, whites are free to admire Barack Obama, just as African Americans are. There is no rule requiring one's role model to match one's gender or skin color.

  9. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with them, Clinton's position on racism and Obama's position on sexism shall both be considered valid, well-informed positions until proven otherwise. A candidate need not personally experience a particular hardship in order to meaningfully contribute to a discussion about mitigating it.

  10. Women who do not support Clinton and African Americans who do not support Obama shall not be considered "traitors" to their gender/race. Supporting someone solely because of his/her gender or race is just as sexist/racist as opposing him/her for the same reason. It assumes unrelated facts about a person based on their membership in a particular group, which is the very definition of prejudice.


posted by Brian at 9:15 AM


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