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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The World's Largest Conducting Baton

It all started, as most things do these days, with an e-mail.

The Harvard University Marching Band has set a Guinness World Record in October, 2006 by creating a baton measuring more than twelve feet long and using it to conduct the band during their halftime show.

As a proud alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania Band, I sent an e-mail to the band's director, R. Greer Cheeseman III and it's Assistant Director, Dr. Kushol Gupta, suggesting we show Harvard who's boss by shattering the record at our homecoming game the following year.

What ensued was a coordinated four month effort by more than a dozen members of the Penn Band (including several engineers) to build the baton, issue a press release, and throw a kick-ass party after the game to celebrate (complete with actual batons for the kids and other cool souvenirs!).

Here's a photo collection from the event, and here's the video:

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