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Thursday, April 03, 2008

How People Found Me - March Edition

The Categories

CategoryMarch CountFebruary Count
Billy Joel122181
Celebrity Look Alikes5458
Overrated Films4026
Bill Moffit160
The "I Should be Sleeping" Song910
The Simpsons910

Queries were once again up slightly this month (768 vs. 733). The category list is pretty much the same as well - technology, Billy Joel, Celebrity Look Alikes, etc.. The only surprises were Bill Moffit (one post on his death from me yielded 16 queries, and quite a few top Google results), a 67% increase in Disney-related queries, and a 300% increase in Pizza-related queries (because of Este Pizza's re-opening).

The Referring Sites

This month's Referral site of the month award goes to, who was responsible for 18 pageviews all on its own. Also, I got 19 pageviews from something called, which I believe has indexed the one and only MP3 that's on my site. Popular month for the Muppets, I guess...

The Keywords

All told, 768 queries resulted in hits to in March (35 more than were used in February). Here are some of the more entertaining samples:

We start with our most popular category, Technology:

QueryRank / # of ResultsComments
anheuser busch powerpoint templates>500 / 14,900Someone's working a little too hard on their party favors, no?
how would you position microsoft to compete with ibm13 / 831,000Well, Microsoft makes software and IBM makes hardware, so I'm not sure I would. Also, both companies seem to be doing pretty well on their own, no?
is there a hidden moon in excel spreadsheet>500 / 9,370A hidden moon? Maybe they're talking about Excel, the 1980's adventure video game?

Next, we move to our second most popular category, Billy Joel:

QueryRank / # of ResultsComments
billy joel good night my angle>500 / 1,240,000If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: I Should be Sleeping - best friend of the poor speller!
billy joel sucks in concert4 / 139,000This is notable because it's the first out of thousands of search queries that was decidedly negative. Needless to say, this person's query result disagreed with his implicit assumption.
when the curious girl realizes she is under glass bill joel2 / 151,000I can say with a fair degree of certainty that I know the lyrics to every song Billy Joel has ever written. That said, I have no idea what this person was looking for. . .

And then there's always the weird & wacky:

QueryRank / # of ResultsComments
whens the world series2 / 54,600The baseball season started on March 31st. Here's a guy/gal who really likes to prepare ahead of time. . .
what is the longest wait for a ride at magic kingdom13 / 43,400The one in which your 5-year old needs to go to the bathroom right as they approach the ride. Trust me. . .
baby greenberg.com11 / 17,100Heh. . . this person definitely wound up at the wrong web site. . .
jimmy buffett lyrics and bicycle>500 / 153,000<Scooby-Doo 'Huh???' sound> Bicycle? Got me . . .
air force bloopers12 / 134,000Oh yeah, gotta love the air force's blooper reel. Hey, here's the one where the pilot accidentally flies right into the plate glass window. . . Bwah, hah, hah. . .
awareness test bear suit; bear doing moonwalk>500 / 178,000These are both directly related to this post. I just find it funny how the queries look if you haven't seen the post.
cost of new addition to house18 / 29,100,000This is more strange than funny. We're currently undergoing a significant home renovation, but I haven't blogged about it at all, so it's strange that this query would have suddenly led to my site. Maybe a new Google Mindreading feature?!?
pontificating platypus6 / 1,010Coolest. Query. Ever.
este pizza14 / 611,000My favorite pizza place in Salt Lake City (note: I've never been to SLC) re-opened this month, and my site came up in 15 different queries just like this one. . .
balanced argument about war>500 / 1,720,000I'll take that as a compliment. So thanks, whoever you are. . .
were tic tacs ever 1.5 calories?>500 / 22,000Man, I hate it when the things you thought you knew turn out to be false. Disillusionment sets in, 1.5 calories at a time. . .

Our regular "Adult/Porn-Related" feature almost didn't make it this month, as the queries are getting, to be frank, rather repetitive and boring. Only one caught my eye as even worth mentioning this time around:

QueryRank / # of ResultsComments
caught wearing mother in law lingerie>500 / 379,000Once again, someone out there has problems that Google just isn't going to solve. . .

posted by Brian at 1:55 PM


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