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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bobble me..., some kind of weird joint venture between Major League Baseball and XM Satellite Radio is currently running two web promotions. The first is a robo-call where you can have Derek Jeter or David Ortiz call your house at a particular time and basically recite a MadLib with your chosen name(s), hobbies, favorite sports teams, etc.. My son Avery would probably get a kick out of it, but when I typed in all the info, I was told that Derek can't say the word "Avery," and asked if he could call without mentioning a name. No thanks, robo-Derek, the effect would most certainly be lost. And of course, if he can't say Avery, he can't very well say Brandon, lest he upset Avery. Catch-22...

Anyway, the other web promotion is a feature that let's you Bobble head anyone you want. That one's easier. Ladies & gentlemen, Bobble-Brian:


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