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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Real News about Apple's deal with Apple Corp.

Wil Wheaton points out that the settlement between Apple, Inc. and Apple Corps not only paves the way for Beattles music to appear in the ITMS, but also for Apple to sell pre-loaded iPods.

He didn't say it, but I think it works like this: Apple, Inc.'s deal with Apple Corps was that Apple, Inc. would never get into the business of selling music, in order to prevent confusion with Apple Corps. Apple, Inc. has long argued that iPods, iTunes and ITMS don't violate this agreement, because what they're selling is data, not music. Now that a settlement has been reached, this questionable distinction has been lifted, and pre-loaded iPods are possible.

I agree with Wil on this - I think the possibilities are almost unlimited. In his post, he talks about buying entire music catalogs in digital form (along with the music player itself), increased access for Indie bands, and specially themed iPods (e.g., Christmas iPods). His commenters go even further, discussing implications for audio books and "iBootlegs" (entire concerts available for sale on an iPod, perhaps on the way out of the arena?). I'm sure there thousands of other possibilities here, many of them representing major shifts in how we interact with (and/or purchase) music.

Very cool...

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