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The thoughts and theories of a guy who basically should have gone to bed hours ago.

I know, I know - what's the point? But look at it this way - I stayed up late writing it, but you're reading it...

Let's call ourselves even & move on, OK?

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't Read the Feed That Bites You...

ATTENTION: I Should Be Sleeping has changed locations!

The new URL is

Or, you can simply go to, and you'll be redirected to the main page.

For those using RSS Feeds, the new RSS feed is

For those who are really committed, there is also now a comment feed. It can be found at

All of the old pages from this blog will live on in perpetuity (or as long as Blogger keeps them there), so links and Google searches will continue to function as before.

posted by Brian at 11:53 PM


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