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Brain Celebri-teasers: Solution

By Brian | March 26, 2011 | Share on Facebook

Welcome back to Brain Celebri-teasers. It’s time to reveal the solution to our Week #12 puzzle:

Week #12
Clue:A couple of years ago, these young ladies watched mom & dad run across the country
Answer:Bristol Palin &
Megan McCain
Meghan McCain and Bristol Palin both became quite noteworthy during the last Presidential election, and not always for the reasons they’re famous parents would have wanted.

The winner this week was Suzanne (who also said some nice things about my Photoshop skills. Thanks, Suzanne!)!

After twelve weeks, the standings are as follows:

PlayerPointsCorrect Answers
Jeff Porten23

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was once again late in posting the results this week – shame on me. You all get your money back. Oh wait, this is free. OK, then just shame on me. Kidding aside, I’m trying to automate this so I never run late – the answers are tougher because I have to wait to see who guessed before posting. But I’ll keep working on it…

Thanks for playing, everyone! Remember to check back on Monday for next week’s puzzle!

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2 Responses to “Brain Celebri-teasers: Solution”

  1. jason says at March 26th, 2011 at 3:57 pm :
    Honestly I wouldn’t recognize either of these young ladies, let alone their combined selves. I have to say, though, the combination is rather cute and reminds me of someone who works in my office. Interesting…

  2. FamilyGreenberg.Com - Brain Celebri-teasers: Week #12 says at December 24th, 2011 at 12:26 am :
    […] Brain Celebri-teasers: Solution