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The Geeky side of a Disney Vacation

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

One more word on the disney trip, but this time for the select few people that I know read this blog with some regularity: the things my family & friends would find bizarre if I brought up in a “What I did on my vacation” conversation:

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The Disney Family Vacation

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006


My wife & I and are two kids just returned from a week in the Disney theme parks followed by a three-day Disney cruise. I had extremely high expectations for this trip, given how much I love the whole Disney experience, and how psyched the kids were about it. I’m happy to report that the trip met every single expectation and exceeded many of them.

The secret to the whole trip wasn’t just the 67 rides we went on across four theme parks in six days. Nor was it the thirty plus Disney characters we met, took pictures with and received autographs from. It was Disney’s ability to take their considerable array of well-known characters, stories and music, and create a well-insulated world for the entire family to live in. When you’re in these parks (or in the hotels, or the restaurants, or the cruise ship, or even on the public transportation between sites), you’re in an environment where everyone is in a good mood all the time, and they all believe to their core that the most famous celebrity in all the world is Mickey Mouse. Despite their almost constant presence, sightings of Mickey & his many, many friends are treasured. The kids go nuts for them. They get autographs. They hug & kiss them and tell them about their trip. The parents take pictures and video. The kids hug the parents & thank them for bringing them to DisneyWorld. It’s an incredibly well designed positive reinforcement loop, and it works even when you know exactly what’s happening & why. Bravo, Disney. Bravo.

At any rate, our entire trip is documented here: http://www.familygreenberg.com/disney. I’d humbly suggest that anyone planning a Disney trip take a look through it – it’s a pretty complete chronicle of what we did and how everything looks.

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Friday, September 30th, 2005

My friend Mike was just saying that the market is missing a digital music player just for kids. Enter Disney.

To be fair, this isn’t exactly what Mike was talking about. He was suggesting a more Fisher-Price like device, with large plastic buttons that automatically played the kid’s favorite song. A device that could be thrown around, dropped, kicked, and covered with all the various liquid and semi-liquid substances that always accompany small children.

So it’s not ideal. But the price point is pretty good ($49.99), the storage is OK (128MB, expandable to >1GB), and the Disney brand can only be a plus. Also, nothing mentioned about any technical details (i.e., how do you get songs on there? Will Disney be selling MP3′s online? What software will they provide?)


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Plane Blogging…

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

I’m sitting on a plane bound for Orlando (business conference in a Disney hotel). Some immediate observations that didn’t didn’t occur to me until I acutally boarded the plane:

- Before we boarded, they announced that there are more kids on the flight than adults.

- They didn’t preboard people with kids as they usually do because, well, what’s the point?

- Any adult that plans on needing a bathroom during the flight might as well forget it. I can imagine that it will be occupied the entire way down, and that the line to wait for the next one will not be a pleasant one.

- I’m sitting near the back of the plane, so I got on before most people, but when I got on, there were already *NINE* strollers tagged with “gate check” tickets on the jetway. I’m guessing there’ll be at least 20 by the time we takeoff.

- Nobody’s crying yet, but there have been about a dozen digital pictures taken since I sat down, so the most common sound on the plane is “CHEESE!!!”

- The scheduled movie is “Monster-in-Law.” I’m *SHOCKED* that it’s not an animated movie. Anyone on the plane with a portable DVD player (and an Elmo disc) will be heroes once we’re in the air…

- Just as I’m typing this, the kid behind me began kicking my chair, and the mother began scolding him to stop. It will be a competition the whole flight to see which is more annoying – the kicking or the scolding.

UPDATE:The crying as now begun. One kid for now, but we’ll see if it spreads. The mother is offering something called a “Baa-Baa” which seems to be helping. Wheeeeeee!!!

UPDATE #2:Flight’s over – if there was any crying, it was not loud enough to outshout my iPod headphones. Gotta love technology…

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