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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How People Found Me - January, 2007

My sudden need to switch tracking mechanisms here at I Should Be Sleeping put this monthly feature on hold for a while, but now it's back and better than ever. Google Analytics is giving me more data about my site than GeoCities Site Statistics ever did. So, you see, I'm late, but the quality of the product is higher. Microsoft, are you listening? Anyway, on to the fun:

Visits and Pageviews received 1,723 pageviews from 968 unique visitors in January (actually from 1/8 through 1/31, since I started capturing data on 1/8). I'd call this an amazing new record (the highest total GeoCities ever gave me was ~1,500 pageviews), but there is some variance in what different tools call a unique visitor and/or a pageview, so for now, I'll just call it a successful month and compare it to subsequent months to determine its record status.

Top Pages
The top 10:

/2006/01/concert-review-billy-joel-at-madison.html (261 pageviews)
/disney/characters.htm (111 pageviews)
/blog.htm (98 pageviews)
/2006/07/celebrity-look-alike.html (82 pageviews)
/2006/01/billy-joel-plays-oldies.html (74 pageviews)
/disney/2006/index.htm (65 pageviews)
/2006/12/blogger-550-permission-denied-bug.html (52 pageviews)
/2006/11/isbs-review-internet-explorer-7.html (52 pageviews)
/sherry.htm (44 pageviews)
/avery.htm (41 pageviews)

The vast majority of my hits come from the big search engines, with Google generating more than 70% of them. There are several international Google sites (.de, .es,, .ca) which is fascinating in a "Wow, Americans are fascinated by anything international" kind of way. Other notable referrers are (5 of the 968 visits), (2 of the 968), (1 / 968), and (1 / 968). That last one coming from some bot they put together that decided a post I had written on one of their articles warranted linking to from the article itself.

I also had links from some interesting domains, including the Air Force ( and the Army (, nineteen different universities, and eight state government domains. And then there are the ones that just make you wonder, like,,, and (ooh la la!)


The site was accessed from 628 unique locations (see map, click to enlarge) in 45 countries. A full 28% of the traffic came from outside the US, with the big contributors being Canada (7%), UK (4%), and Netherlands, Germany and India (just over 1% each). Some exotic/far away locations: Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Pakistan, Aruba, UAE, Moldova, Bangladesh, and Uganda (just to name a few).

Ah yes, the old standby - things people typed into search engines that prompted them to click over to my site. This month there were three groups:

Billy Joel
"billy joel concert reviews" (1 / 1,050,000)
(ED NOTE: 13 months old, and this post is still at the top of Google's list. I don't understand why, but it's generated over 4,500 pageviews and more than 50 comments from all around the world, making it the most read thing I've ever written, so I'm genuinely thrilled.)

Interestingly, "billy joel concert review" (without the "s") doesn't show that post at all, even though 44 people got there with this query in January. Strange...

Celebrity Look Alikes
I posted a couple of times about a celebrity look-alike site someone sent me, and it has also become a Google darling, though not to the extent of the Billy Joel post:

"celebrity look-alike" (106 / 786,000)
"face recognition celebrity look alike" (7 / 490,000)
"celebrity look alike face recognition" (8 / 490,000)
"jake gyllenhaal look alike" (3 / 86,700)
"emmy rossum lookalike" (1 / 10,000) (ED NOTE: Don't ask...)

Technical / Internet Stuff
Several of my posts about Blogger, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Internet Explorer have been big search engine favorites:

"tables in blogger" (1 / 1,260,000) (ED NOTE: Blogger's post is #2. Sweet!!!)
"save as not responding" (9 / 1,920,000)
"550 permission denied" (9 / 863,000)
"verizon dsl wall filter" (1 / 277,000)
"ie7 keeps scrolling" (73 / 113,000)
"outlook 2003 0x800ccc90" (10 / 14,800)

And the Rest...
As always, there are the ones that make you say, "Hmmm...."

"you know what's wrong with the world today?" (2 / 18,200,000)
(ED NOTE: A report on Rumsfeld's farewell address is #6. <Snicker...>)

"evidence "in favor of" idea global warming real process occurring "right now"" (8 / 96,600)
(ED NOTE: Kos is #7...)

"why does asparagus arrive in early spring" (5 / 165,000)
"pelosi smoking october stock market" (99 / 219,000)
"lawn ornament + crane" (36 / 156,000)
"fred flintstone global warming pictures" (14 / 56,600)
"qaeda 1998 ofac" (9 / 13,500)
"gold flamingos leominster ma" (2 / 9,460)
""governor's mansion" "new jersey" "superbowl"" (4 / 229)
"comparsion creats jealousy" (4 / 120) (ED NOTE: Still a big hit among those who can't spell)
"elvis presley "go quakers"" (1 / 5)
""gentlemen start your ovens"" (13 / 105)

posted by Brian at 12:24 AM


  • Three of those four "domains you wonder about" are ISPs in Canada, France, and Sweden. So while there might be naked French people reading your site, "club internet" doesn't really mean that they're necessarily doing anything interesting together.

    Meanwhile, Caliber Collision is an auto body shop, so feel free to keep wondering.

    it's generated over 4,500 pageviews and more than 50 comments from all around the world

    2,000 more and you top the print run of my book.

    By Anonymous jeff Porten, at 5:06 PM, February 09, 2007  

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