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Teach Your Children Well…

By Brian | August 27, 2005 | Share on Facebook

OK, so one of our neighbors is having a Discovery Toys party (think old fashioned Tupperware party, but the molded plastic is for the kids, not the parents), and my wife got invited. Here is the front of the postcard they sent to the house:

Speaking as a guy who has some experience photographing children, I’ll betcha a dollar that when they finally got the kid to smile just right, they stopped trying, even though the book she’s reading with her mom is upside down.

Remember folks – your customers may be illiterate, but the folks with the checkbooks aren’t! :-)

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2 Responses to “Teach Your Children Well…”

  1. Anonymous says at June 27th, 2006 at 1:37 am :
    If you look closer you’ll notice that the book she is holding is a flip-top book and is not upside-down at all. The yellow ribbon by the child’s hand is attached to a plastic ring along the top of the book, which is the binding. This company has some of the most award-winning educational toys and books available on the market today and has been in business since 1978. Our customers are FAR from illiterate and I’ll bet you a dollar most of our consultants checkbooks are far bigger than yours.

  2. Brian says at June 28th, 2006 at 1:15 am :
    Anonymous – thanks for stopping by. A few thoughts, if I may:

    1) If I have to look closer to see that it’s a flip-top book, then it’s a lousy ad. It may be a great book and a great company, but it’s a lousy ad.

    2) I happen to know something about Discovery Toys, since the picture above is a scanned postcard from one of your “consultants” who invited us (my wife, really) to one of your “parties.” Since young kids basically need a constant stream of age-appropriate, educational toys, I think Discovery Toys provides a valuable service and a high quality product. The sales model (basically Amway for toys) bugs me, and has always bugged me. I’d love to be able to buy a toy without that awkward moment where I tell a neighbor/friend that I don’t also want to get into the business of selling the toys. But that’s probably just me…

    3) Your customers are generally under the age of 5, which makes a great many of them illiterate. The “folks with the checkbooks” I refer to above are the parents. It was a lame attempt at humor, so lighten up, OK?

    4) Given what I know about your business (and the second-income status of most of your “consultants”), and given that you have no idea how big my checkbook is, I’m guessing you’d lose your dollar. That said, I’m really not interested in competing with anyone over personal wealth. Suffice to say I have enough money to buy lots and lots of toys, and an attitude like that doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy from you…


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