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Kids today…

By Brian | November 21, 2005 | Share on Facebook

My wife is flying back home from a business conference in Orlando today. My mother-in-law is babysitting the kids until my wife or I return home. There’s some nasty weather in the northeast, and her flight was delayed about an hour taking off.

My mother-in-law called the airline a couple of times to get a status and ETA on the flight. My 5-year old son showed my mother-in-law how to get on the internet, find the airline’s website and bring up a (near) real-time map showing the plane’s current position along it’s route and ETA.

I’m told he’s also drawn a map on paper, and is tracking the flight as it makes its way home, just so Mommy knows what happened while she was in the air.

Remember that movie where the teenage kid builds a space shuttle in his spare time & launches it through the roof of his house? Talk to me in 2015…

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