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Only in New York

By Brian | November 2, 2005 | Share on Facebook

Check this out:

So I’m at building X and I need to get to building 1. I didn’t realize it was only a couple of blocks away, so I go to company 1‘s website to get directions, and this is the map I get back. The yellow line is their recommended route.

I was aghast until I realized – they think I’m in a car! The streets are all one way, you see, so to get from X to 1, you need to make four left turns. Apparently, the software isn’t smart enough to say, “Park the car & walk – it’s two blocks away!”

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One Response to “Only in New York”

  1. Jeff Porten says at November 21st, 2005 at 3:18 am :
    Damn, Brian, I could have told you about this back in April. You need to spend more time at Starbucks looking over my shoulder.


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