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A Moral Dilemma…

By Brian | March 28, 2006 | Share on Facebook

I’m on the commuter train heading home. The man sitting next to me has fallen asleep. His right elbow is leaning against the window while his right hand props up his head. His left hand is holding his open cell phone, which is currently running some kind of Texas Hold’Em game.

His left thumb is resting (rather firmly) on the “3″ key. I’m not sure what the “3″ key does in this game, but he appears to be losing hand after hand. I have no idea if this is for real money or not, but if it is, this is quickly going to become a very expensive train ride for this guy.

Question: Do I wake him up?

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One Response to “A Moral Dilemma…”

  1. Jeff Porten says at March 28th, 2006 at 8:44 pm :
    On my mobile poker game, the 3 key is indeed the raise. I’ve never actually tried holding it down.

    And yes, it’s possible for that to be a live, real money game.

    I’d have woken him up, no question. Not necessarily saying that you should have.


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