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Letting down millions. OK, Dozens. OK, Almost No one.

By Brian | May 16, 2007 | Share on Facebook

My trip to the University of Pennsylvania this weekend, combined with an ensuing business trip, conspired to prevent me from posting my promised weekly ISBS Tech Guide entry for the week. Given that I promised to post every week, I’ve been feeling badly about it. Then again, I don’t think anyone’s rushing to their browser to check the blog on Monday morning and read the next, exciting installment of the ISBS Tech Guide. At best, I hope it’s a good reference for folks in the coming months or years, as it begins to weave itself into the World Wide Web via Google’s massive index.

Since I began publishing the entries back on April 15th, they’ve received 44 pageviews (about 1.5 views per day). The most recent two are averaging more than 3 minutes of viewing time per page, which strikes me as quite high (certainly higher than my site’s average, anyway), suggesting that the entries are useful to those who find them. CNET.com it is not, but in the world of micro-bloggers, I’m pretty happy with those results.

So, I’ll pick up again next weekend. Until then, the suspense will just have to build. And if you are eagerly awaiting the next entry, I apologize – both for your disappointment and the obvious lack of excitement in your life. Seriously, you gotta get out more…

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