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Familygreenberg.com Health Check – May Edition

By Brian | June 1, 2007 | Share on Facebook

I may be falling behind on my ISBS Tech Guide (I’ll start again soon, I swear!), but Google Analytics has provided me the tools to create two monthly features. This is the first of the two – the site health check. Rather than explain it, I’ll just show it to you:

Metric April May % Change
Visits 1,792 1,441 -19.59%
Pageviews 2,132 2,563 -16.82%
Pages/Visit 1.43 1.48 +3.45%
Avg Time on Site 40 sec. 46 sec. +15.00%
Bounce Rate 80.75% 78.42% -2.89%
% New Visitors 91.63% 88.48% -3.44%

Digging into the data a bit more (I won’t bore you with details), it seems that overall visits and pageviews on the site dropped in May because Billy Joel’s touring wrapped up (in April, roughly 900 of the 2,563 pageviews were Billy Joel related; in May, that number was roughly 450, which accounts for the net difference in pageviews on its own).

On the upside, people are staying longer, leaving after one page (“bouncing”) less often, and returning more often. So all in all, things are going pretty well.

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