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Life Lessons

By Brian | September 26, 2007 | Share on Facebook

A 10-year-old decides she wants a pony:

Child:Daddy, can I have a pony?
Child:Why not?
Daddy:It’s against the law.
Child:It’s a dumb law. We should change it.
Daddy:Go for it.


Child:It’s a dumb law. You should change it.
City Hall:No.
Child:But it’s a dumb law.
City Hall:We’re going to make the law better, so other kids like you don’t call it a dumb law. And since you’re a kid and we don’t want to be seen as cold, heartless jerks, we’ll invite you to be on the committee that changes the law. Can we go now?

I’m willing to bet that no kid has ever learned so much about how the world really works just by asking for a pony.

(Hat tip: James Lileks at buzz.mn)


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