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Familygreenberg.com Health Check – December Edition

By Brian | January 8, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Metric November December % Change
Visits 1,942 1,452 -25.23%
Pageviews 3,226 2,317 -28.18%
Pages/Visit 1.66 1.60 -3.94%
Avg Time on Site 0:50 0:47 -5.90%
Bounce Rate 78.42% 79.68% +1.61%
% New Visitors 87.33% 88.29% +1.10%

Well, you can’t win ‘em all. After two excellent months, December fell off the cliff in a big way. I’m tempted to blame it on two things. First, I went away the last week of the month, so there was no blogging. Second, everyone else went away the last week of the month and didn’t do much browsing. So maybe this is just seasonal? After all, it’s the first December I’m tracking stats this way.

Hopefully, I see a rebound in January to confirm my theory. That, or I’ll have to pray for another burning taxi or giant Christmas Tree outside of my office window…

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