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Obama’s Favorite Ice Cream?

By Brian | March 7, 2008 | Share on Facebook

From the Slate-hosted political blog, Trailhead, we have the winner of the “Name an Ice Cream Flavor after Barack Obama” contest: “Yes, Pecan!”

Top runners up include “Barackadamia Nut” and “Neopolitician,” which have been declared the front runners for those parts of the country where “Pecan” rhymes with “Oh, it’s on!” rather than “Yes, We Can!” Other suggestions include Peanut Butter Barackle and Obamana Split. Baracky Road and Obamaberry were disqualified because, “we’ve got to draw the line somewhere.”

So, anyone have any Clinton or McCain inspired Ice Cream flavors? I’ll start you off: For Hillary: Health Care Crunch. For McCain? How about McCaindy Coated Cookie Dough?

Go ahead, top that!

(and not with a cherry. BA DUM!)

Update #1: “Grand Ol’ Pistachio, made with real McCain sugar!” – Ted Aronson (from the Penn Band Listserv)

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